Making A Podcast: Serenbe Stories


Bringing Serenbe Stories To Life

Podcasts - a word created from the mashup of iPod and broadcasting - have been around since 2004, but have never been more popular than they are right now. There’s something for everyone: true crime, niche topics, celebrity interviews. Because of podcast popularity and easy access for the masses, it was the perfect medium to tell the Serenbe origin story, how it was initially a reaction to save their own backyard, and answer the big question, "What is Serenbe?"

Thus was the beginning of Serenbe Stories, a podcast chronicling life in the leading wellness community.

Podcast Artwork.jpg

So what goes into making a podcast (other than making a great logo)? Serenbe’s team had never done it before, so they were starting at the very beginning…Googling “how to make a podcast.” (just kidding…maybe). They researched what equipment was needed (so many microphones out there!), where is best to record for sound, and what to do with all those recordings once they were finished. And just when they thought “this seems easy enough,” they had to figure out the content of 12 episodes that make up the first season would actually be about.

Of course, the most logical answer was right in front of them. The first season is made up of the original Serenbe story. How Steve Nygren and his family found this land, how he decided to create a place and what their lives have been in the nearly 30 years they’ve lived in Chattahoochee Hills.


Six months after recording sessions and one year after podcast plans began, Serenbe Stories will launch its first episode on Monday, September 9, 2019. Listen to the introductory preview below, and make sure to subscribe to Serenbe Stories anywhere that you can listen to podcasts!