Learning To Cook

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Chef Paddy Adolfi Teaches Cooking Classes With Farm-Fresh Ingredients

Serenbe offers a variety of unique experiences, and the Right Off The Farm Cooking Classes are no exception. The hands-on class offers a glimpse into the farm-to-table concept utilized by Serenbe’s own restaurants, with ingredients from Serenbe Farms and other local farms and producers, and is fun for all skills levels from foodies to microwave masters.

Chef Paddy Adolfi, who leads the classes each Saturday, has had a passion for cooking his whole life. We sat down with him to see where that passion came from and what he loves about teaching culinary skills.

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LAS: What is your first memory of cooking?

Paddy: Probably canning peppers with my parents. We did everything from pickling peppers to canning tomato sauce. Family dinners were also a big deal, a staple really, so everyone had to help out.

LAS: What does eating healthy mean to you?

Paddy: To me, eating healthy means keeping the recipes as simple as possible and eating locally. It’s better for your body, better for your community and better for the world. Better for you because you’re consuming real, whole ingredients and better for the community because you’re supporting your neighbors and the local economy. It’s also one of the few ways you can act locally while thinking globally. If food isn’t having to travel across the country or overseas to get to you, you’re making positive environmental decisions.

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LAS: How does the Right Off The Farm class work?

Paddy: The class is every Saturday with recipes based on what’s coming out of the ground, so I walk the fields during the week with Ian (Serenbe Farms Manager) picking out products I want to use and what they need to harvest. A small portion of the class may be prepped depending on the ingredients, but I also think it’s important for people to see the key techniques involved in the dish so everything else will be made right there by the people taking the class.

LAS: What do you enjoy most about teaching people to cook?

Paddy: Being a part of empowering someone to cook who may have come in not knowing much about food is amazing, but I also enjoying seeing a person who considers themselves a good cook find out something new to incorporate.


Right Off The Farm Cooking Classes are Saturdays at 2pm in Gainey Hall. Sign up for a class at serenberotfcookingclass.eventbrite.com.