Global Running Day

Trail Race- Fall-0559.jpg

5 Reasons To Run Outside

If you were looking for a mid-week holiday, today is Global Running Day - an annual celebration of running that focuses on motivating people to get moving and to have fun doing so. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you choose to celebrate this day, just that you get active and encourage others to join you. How are we celebrating? By planning for the 4th Fall Trail Race on October 19, 2019.

Here are 3 reasons you should run with us!


1. Serenbe provides the perfect atmosphere for such a holiday with the intricate and plentiful 15+ miles of trails that meander throughout the community. You can run on your own, or join us for a Serenbe Trail Race! You’ll see forest, meadows, lakes and waterfalls, all on one run in the woods. Also, our next race has a BRAND NEW COURSE!

2. Trail Running > Road Running. Of course, both are good for in some ways and we encourage ALL EXERCISE. But, trails are softer on your joints, so trail runners experience fewer injuries and increased strength and agility, plus you burn more calories. Training on trails may even make you faster in the long…run! (pun intended). Luckily, Serenbe has plenty of trails for you to try out.


3. Running Outside is ALWAYS better. We already know running is healthy, and when you run outside it gets even better. Breathe in fresh air, take in the scenic views and enjoy the physiological benefits of being in nature - lower stress levels, an immune system boost, enhanced creativity and restored focus.


Whether this holiday sparks the aspiring running junkie in you, or you already consider yourself an avid runner, don’t forget to sign up for Serenbe’s Fall Trail Race 5k/15k on October 19, 2019, sponsored by Creature Comforts Brewing Co, The Inn at Serenbe, Bamboo Juices, Sprouts and One Mado Wellness Businesses: The Brainery, Gym at Serenbe, Halsa, Little Acorn Learning Center, Serenbe Yoga, Southern Integrative & Environmental Medical and Spa at Serenbe.