Hidden In Plain Sight


A Gabion Bridge


If you’re driving or taking a stroll on Serenbe Lane in Grange past the Textile Lofts, you may have looked out into the woods and noticed the earth seems to just drop off past the road. It looks like a bridge, and yet it also looks like the road is just an extension of the land. This is because it’s not your average bridge, but a gabion bridge.


A gabion infuses recycled materials - rocks, concrete, etc. - inside multiple stacked coated, galvanized or stainless-steel cages, cylinders or boxes, which nature the shape of the bridge structure and ensure its lifespan. This allows a bridge to move around a curve without grading the land.

Take a walk along one of the two gabion bridges in Serenbe. Our second connects Grange to the Mado neighborhood across a natural ravine and stream crossing!