Breaking Tradition

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One Lucky Couple Won A Wedding At Serenbe

Serenbe is known for creating gorgeous outdoor weddings against nature’s beautiful backdrop. Once The Oak Room was built in July 2015, The Inn at Serenbe was also able to offer an intimate, indoor wedding ceremony and reception location. The Oak Room space features natural light and a framed view of the beautiful gardens and landscape, giving couples a romantic backdrop of green pastures.

Serenbe’s Events & Conferences team wanted to showcase this beautiful space, so they created a “Win A Wedding at Serenbe” contest, which included a ceremony and reception for 50 guests with floral and decor by Forage & Flower, cocktails and a plated dinner by The Farmhouse Restaurant, photography by J. Ashley Photography, music by Elegant Bachelors and a wedding cake from the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop. The best part? The food and decor would be chosen by the vendors rather than the couple.

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There were hundreds of submissions over a 2-week period, and the Inn team was excited to see how many people were interested in having their wedding in The Oak Room. Of course, no one’s excitement could even come close to the winning couple’s.

Claire and Jason Dozier were chosen and given only a few short weeks to prepare for their Spring 2016 wedding. We spoke with Claire about traditions old and new.

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What inspired you to enter the contest?

A friend who knew we were undecided on wedding plans shared the information via Instagram. We knew enough about Serenbe to associate it with beauty and intentionality, and we were just crazy enough to think that getting married with only a month’s notice sounded pretty good. Something just felt right.

What was your reaction to winning?

We were on our way to see a movie, a tradition I’ve maintained in memory of my dad on his birthday, and I checked my email. The subject said “Congratulations, you’re getting married on June 26th.” We couldn’t believe it. My parents had both passed away recently within months of each other, and the day I found out being my dad’s birthday felt like a sign. He was proud of many of my accomplishments in my 20s, but I think he was always hoping (and maybe worrying?) for me to marry a good guy. It felt like a birthday gift for him.

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What was the theme of your entry?

Our shared experiences, what we’ve been through and why we were thrilled by the notion of being able to pretty much just show up and get married in such a beautiful and intimate setting. Once we met with the Serenbe Wedding Team, we felt very known and understood. We had complete trust in them.

What are your favorite memories from your wedding day?

I loved hearing guests reactions as the took in the beauty of Serenbe. They gushed about their rooms and seeing the animals in the fields, courtyards and spaces around the Inn. The general consensus was, “This place is magical!”

Also, there was something so special about getting married in the Oak Room, under the gorgeously decorated chandeliers, with our families and friends right there around us. Forage & Flower decor made all the difference.

Then, of course, realizing I really was happy and enjoying myself. I turned to Jason during dinner and said, “I really didn’t know if I wanted a (traditional) wedding. But THIS is the wedding I wanted.”

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For more information on planning your wedding at Serenbe, visit, email or call 770-463-2610.