Get Outside & Play


Good For Physical & mental health

Step into the preserved forests at Serenbe and the built world fades away. Your senses come alive as you feel the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. Hear birds chirping and see trees swaying with a light breeze. Playing outside has a host of benefits for both children and adults:

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Health: The great outdoors provides plenty of opportunity for exercise and physical health. Riding bikes, nature walks and playing outdoor games increases heart rates and promotes improved cardiovascular health. Increased physical activity also reduces symptoms of stress, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.

Imagination: Playing outside boosts imagination and creative play. Adults and children are able to explore the outside world and create fun imaginary scenarios during play. Playing outside boosts imagination in ways that video games, computers and television cannot.

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Problem Solving Skills: Interacting with the outside world helps children and adults solve real-life problems. Climbing trees, investigating an unknown plant species or creating a new game with a determined set of rules all require problem solving and analytical skills.

An Individual's Spirit: Research from the Children & Nature Network shows that stress levels drop within minutes of seeing an extended green space. Being outside is a natural way of making people nicer, enhancing relationships, valuing the community and increasing positive social interactions.

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Serenbe is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for all. We've proudly posted "Caution: Children and Adults at Play" signs throughout the community to remind our guests and residents to keep an eye out when driving. So go for a run (or walk) through the woods or vinyasa through a Goat Yoga session.


Want an outdoor activity that's less physically demanding? Experience art while meandering through the Wildflower Meadow, take in an outdoor play with Serenbe Playhouse or taste fine wines while you dine under the stars on the Inn's Gainey Garden. Not matter the season, something is always happening at Serenbe. It's time to get outside and play!