Art Farm Combines Community and Craft

At Serenbe Farms, seeds are planted and sprouts are nurtured. Food is grown, picked and passed on to nourish others. It's hard but worthy work. 

The process is much the same at Serenbe's Art Farm. The seed of an idea is planted and takes root. Artists are nurtured and given room to create and grow. Art is created and shared to nourish others. It's hard but worthy work. 

Art Farm Director Megan Schaeffer introduces artists Lulie Wallace and Raven Roxanne to Art Over Dinner guests at Grange Hall.

Art Farm Director Megan Schaeffer introduces artists Lulie Wallace and Raven Roxanne to Art Over Dinner guests at Grange Hall.

Just as Serenbe Farms has a farmers market and a Community-Supported Agriculture program, the Art Farm spreads its message through workshops, demonstrations and Art Over Dinner. 

Art Over Dinner is just that: An intimate monthly gathering of chefs, farmers, brewers, winemakers and artists who share food and ideas at the dinner table bringing a bit of art into everyday life.

It's one meal that can grow into so much more. Collaborative dance platform glo first visited Serenbe for an Art Over Dinner event, then returned for a collaboration with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra music director Robert Spano. Another former Art Over Dinner guest, Atlanta arts non-profit Dashboard Co-op, created a connection between Serenbe and Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking, who is collaborating with Steve Nygren on a land art piece in Mado.  

There are two Rural Studio artist cottages at the Art Farm with plans for more, plus more artist studios and additional buildings. Proceeds from Serenbe's annual May Day festival, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Designer Showhouse and other events throughout the year will help fund those projects.


Take your place at the table for Art Over Dinner. Series though 2019:


Jack Michael with Georgia State University School of Art & Design, February 24th: Jack Michael is a trash man’s daughter and an instructor at GSU. Her work in painting, textiles, sculpture and printmaking explores trash, consumer culture, labor and sustainability from an eco-feminist perspective.

Through acts of mending, weaving and ornamentation, she investigates the human domestication of wild environments and the industrial domestication of humans. When not in the studio or classroom, she is often exploring America on her motorcycle through extensive solar treks, gathering imagery, trash and research integral to her studio practice.


Alexi Torres with Mason Fine Art, April 28th: Alexi Torres’s artwork studies the relationship between nature and man in a contemporary context, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living things. His works are exceptionally complex; he creates a distinctive signature, intricately weaving together organic and symbolic elements to create monumental works which challenge the viewer to see beneath the surface into the archetypal qualities of his subjects.


Flux Projects, June 2nd: Flux Projects produces temporary art projects that create spaces for transformation. Their projects disrupt the everyday and inspire imagination, wonder and awe. They support artists to take risks and grow their practices, whether the artists are internationally-acclaimed or producing their first public work. Flux Projects transforms the places in which they are situated, creating communal spaces for people of all walks of life and bring a location’s past, present and future into conversation in ways that open our eyes to new possibilities.


Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre, August 18th: TMBT is both a recognition of Atlanta’s founding name and the intersection at which new and creative beginnings are made. By bringing together the classical and contemporary dance forms and strengths of each principal artist, the company has become celebrated for the creation of daring and theatrical dance works.

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Eva Magill Oliver, September 22nd: Eva Magill-Oliver creates delicate, meditative collages, drawings and paintings that reflect and explore different elements of the natural world. her main subject matter is drawn from abstractions and patterns found in nature and organic environments.