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Live/Work Profile With SEI

The best reason to live here is the life here, and that includes the ability to work where you live. There are the obvious benefits of no commute that equals found time for that morning run, and the intangible reasons like seeing the woods from your desk or enjoying a lunch fresh from your neighborhood farm.

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Chad and Teresa Epple and Southeastern Engineering, Inc. (SEI) are no strangers to the life here at Serenbe. They’ve been the sustainable engineers and surveyors for Serenbe since the beginning of its development doing all the site plans, land grading and topography. So when they decided to move SEI’s main office to Serenbe, the intangibles took hold and they built a two-story home above it.

The SEI Live/Work, is located in the Selborne neighborhood and was designed and built by friends of The Epples. The building, the first modern structure for both architect Michael Landry and builder Stonecrest Homes, is a glass and powder coated metal panel box “system.” Imposing yet warm, the structure exudes a dramatic intimacy. All the overhangs are clad in natural cypress, adding a soft warm aspect when viewed from below. 

The SEI office interiors, designed to echo the color of the raw concrete flooring, feature furniture made to the specificity of the civil engineering firm. 

The residential 2nd and 3rd floor is a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath “split level” floor plan with interiors by Smith Hanes Studio, in his signature “soft industrial style.” Custom features include metal and glass bi-fold doors to the master bedroom, a see through kitchen pantry made of steel and glass walls, and custom bunk beds in the kids’ room.

At the very top of the building rests an expansive private patio outfitted with a kitchen and grill; perfect for evening cookouts with friends and family.  The high vantage point allows for an uninterrupted view of the surrounding Serenbe community.

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