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Art Farm Combines Community & Craft

At Serenbe Farms, seeds are planted and sprouts are nurtured. Food is grown, picked and passed on to nourish others. It's hard but worthy work. 

The process is much the same at Serenbe's Art Farm. The seed of an idea is planted and takes root. Artists are nurtured and given room to create and grow. Art is created and shared to nourish others. It's hard but worthy work. 

"The Art Farm's mission is to create a place to bring people together in support of the arts with the belief that art in everyday life can create a greater understanding of the world," said Serenbe Founder Steve Nygren. "We're a facilitator. A platform for artists to engage with Serenbe. A conduit for artists to speak about their art and mission. We connect people with the arts." 

Just as Serenbe Farms has a farmers market and a Community-Supported Agriculture program, the Art Farm spreads its message through workshops, crafting events with kids, Grange Hall Gallery, and Art Over Dinner.

Art Over Dinner is just that: An intimate monthly gathering of chefs, farmers, brewers, winemakers and artists who share food and ideas at the dinner table bringing a bit of art into everyday life.

And for the final dinner of 2018, Art Farm is partnering with Atlanta Celebrates Photography to feature their annual festival, which includes a wide variety of exhibitions and multiple events around Atlanta and throughout the surrounding communities. The festival’s diverse offerings bring together professional and amateur photographers, general art enthusiasts, gallery owners, critics, and collectors.

Special Guest photographer Jan Banning will also be joining the dinner. He is a Dutch autonomous artist/photographer, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. His photo series have been published in print media such as Newsweek, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Time, Vrij Nederland and many others.

Banning visited Serenbe in Spring 2018 through a Project Residency with AIR Serenbe.

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Tickets for Art Over Dinner with Atlanta Celebrates Photography can be found here or at