Ravishing Radish


Chef Brian Moll Shares A Favorite Recipe

Serenbe Culinary is a varied palate of events & prepared meals curated by Chef Brian Moll, who creates using freshly-foraged and hand-picked produce from Serenbe Farms and other local farms. 

Radishes are a seasonal favorite of Brian’s, and he’s sharing one of the yummy recipes he’s making this week for residents who sign up for prepared meals.

Photo from  @SerenbeFarms

Photo from @SerenbeFarms

Radish with Garden Pesto

Serves: 6

2 lbs red radish with tops

1 oz Arugula

1/2 oz Mint

1 lemon, zest and juice

2 oz olive oil

sea salt to taste

In a food processor - or mortar and pestle: Add arugula, mint, 1-2 oz radish tops, zest and ice of lemon and pinch of salt. As ingredients are pulverized, drizzle olive oil to emulsify. Slice radishes into eighths, then toss all together in a bowl. Add sea salt to taste and serve chilled.

According to Brian, this recipe is great as a side dish with seafood or chicken, or as as a starter.

Happy Eating!